Food And Care To Lose Weight

There are several reasons why a person wants to lose weight; it may be because their skin is already sagging due to weight gain, overweight, to tone the body, among other reasons. And although many seek secure methods that allow immediate results, the truth is that these procedures are not always wholly healthy. On the other hand, they take the issue of losing weight from the surface, leaving aside that perhaps these changes in the person’s weight are due to hormonal problems, disease, or only a poor diet.

And although there are genuinely useful diets, many times, there is too much flaccidity which, if not accompanied by a right combination of exercises, will not be able to improve. That’s why in this article we will mention some of the best tips so that there is not only weight loss, but that it is accompanied by good habits that help improve people’s appearance and health.

Before beginning the care process, the individual must undergo an analysis to determine why their skin is presenting such levels of sagging. You must take into account the type of diet you follow, the exposure to the sun, the medications you choose, or exposure to a gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana. All these points can be reasons for the skin to lose its stability. Once the cause has been detected, it will be necessary to start with the care.

Protective foods

It is recommended that people consume protective fats, which are found in various foods such as oily fish, nuts, olive oil, and seed oils. All these foods are based on proteins and antioxidants that help maintain skin elasticity.


It is not only about keeping the body hydrated, but we also mean keeping the skin hydrated. For perfect hydration, we recommend the intake of two liters of water or mineral water and firming creams to keep the water molecules in the skin.

Encouraging circulation

For proper circulation, it is essential to eat food that will keep the blood circulating correctly; this will help improve the appearance of the skin and allows healing procedures such as a root canal in Tijuana, to be done correctly. It is also recommended that you do not wear tight clothing that hinders circulation. What you can do is exercise always, and when you take a shower, let the water alternately from warm to cold.

Controlling your diet is essential for losing weight and helping to keep your skin firm, so it is vital to avoid consuming high- saturated fats and sugars. It is better to opt for a balanced diet according to the needs required by the body. Within this process, exercise should be involved; this should be at least 30 minutes.

Foods rich in protein

One of the biggest mistakes made in improving nutrition is to eliminate protein intake. Mainly, speaking specifically of the skin, each layer is composed of cells and tissues that require protein, so removing these elements will significantly affect the appearance of the skin. It is recommended that protein intake be based on those foods that are also rich in vitamins and minerals, such as seafood and fish. Also, those that are of vegetable origins, such as whole grains or legumes.

Taking care of the body when you want to lose weight is essential to avoid health problems and effects on the skin, so before opting for a miracle diet, we advise you to take into account the points mentioned above and consult with a nutritionist.