Options to Finance Your Own Food Truck Design

If you are looking to bring your passion for the culinary arts to your neighborhood on the go you can’t go wrong with a food truck. It’s a great way to show off your skills to the community you love.  While you’ve proven your skills in the food you bring around town, you may not have the skills or interest in visual design, but it is well known that people are visual buyers, so what can you do? Well, that is not a problem as we offer an in-depth food truck design on our site. The following post will detail all of its features and how they can benefit your business. Also at the end of the post, you’ll get some useful advice for financing your truck if it is your first outing as a business venture.

In House Designers

One of the great perks you get from working with Legion Food Trucks is that we offer tons of design services, all in house, so you don’t have to invest further time and money into hiring freelancers and running the risk of getting inconsistent results or delayed deliverables. We eliminate that risk by giving you access to our own designers who will work with you hand in hand throughout the entire process. We can offer the initial graphic work giving you a number of visual logos to choose from, all originally produced by our talented graphic designers. We will also provide for you a full vinyl wrap which will give your truck a signature appearance that will catch people’s eye and get their mouths watering.

Sights and Sounds

Depending on your budget, we can enhance your truck’s ambiance with our electronic installations.  Exterior speakers and LED displays can turn your truck from more than just a deliverable meal, and into a full-on party providing the kind of social engagement one might find from a traditional bar and restaurant. We can also offer digital menu boards on the outside of your truck, making it far easier for your customers to read and they can be connected to a computer or mobile device for quick on the go changes, letting someone know for instance if a popular item ran out for the night.

Case Studies

If all of these above-mentioned features are intriguing to you but you like to see real-world examples, as is expected when you are investing a large sum of money into a venture, we have a great collection of successful trucks here. Two of our most eye-catching productions are the electric sushi truck and the google truck currently driving around Seattle.

Financing Guides

We all know that no matter what business venture you go into, the financial requirements can be quite daunting and easily intimidating. Some people who have transitioned into this business as a secondary project after a long career, have a 401k or other financial nest eggs to pull capital from, but not everyone has this opportunity. Whether its guidance on the fundraising process when working with banks, or navigating the new world of crowdfunding, we have a comprehensive breakdown here.

For further assistance, or if you are ready to work with our experts contact us.