What Guys Look for in Austin Italian Restaurants for Creating the Perfect Date Night

Whether you are a guy in Austin, TX who is taking a blind date out, or it’s date number five, or your one-year anniversary commemorating the history of your dating, creating the perfect date night is essential, and nothing says romance like Austin Italian restaurants for your date night that have everything you need to make the night memorable. But of all the Italian restaurants Austin, TX offers, how do you know you are taking your lady to one that will garner the best experience? This article is intended to help you find the best Austin Italian restaurants, and then narrow it down to the single winner. 

Austin Italian Restaurants: When a Guy Wants Pizza, and She can have her Pasta

In a 2018 survey by Time Out, 1000 men were surveyed in a study looking at the dating culture and cuisine options for date nights. When asked about the food they wish they could eat but couldn’t because it would set the wrong ambiance for a date night, more than 70 percent of men said pizza was the number one food. But Austin Italian restaurants have changed this up, and now guys can have a delicious pizza and not break any date etiquette. Just make sure the Austin Italian restaurants you call use stone or brick ovens to give the pizza that signature Italian taste, and that crunchy crust with the soft center.  And while you enjoy your pizza, she can choose from a wide variety of pasta dishes (or have pizza with you).

Look for Austin Italian Restaurants with Menu Options for All Dietary Needs

If this is a first date, you may not know what dietary restrictions might apply to her. While some are gluten-free, others are vegan. Then you have pescatarians, vegetarians, and people who are lactose intolerant. That said, look for Austin Italian restaurants that have gluten-free options on their menu. The best Italian food Austin offers will also have pizza and pasta dishes for vegetarians, pescatarians, and of course classic meat options for carnivores. 

Ambiance and Italian Food

Ambiance is a special ingredient all of its own. If you are on a first date, you probably don’t want to over-do it with an ambiance that is heavy on the romantic side; more casual is appropriate for a first date. However, if you are in a full relationship and you seek that romantic ambiance, then it is ideal. The best Austin Italian restaurants are able to pull both ambiances off. For example, a casual patio for dining outdoors while people watching would be great for first dates, while a more intimate, secluded space with romantic lighting would me more apropos.

Just call ahead and find out which Austin Italian restaurants offer everything you need to create a memorable date night.