What can you eat after a procedure in your body

After a surgery or any type of medical procedure in your body it is necessary that you control your diet, because there are some foods that can contribute to what they do not know is in an adequate way, therefore, you need to know what you can eat after a procedure on your body.

How does food influence your recovery?

A proper diet will contribute to the acceleration of healing after any procedure, from Botox Tijuana to more complex operations, such as dental implants and also cosmetic surgeries.

If you eat properly, you will reduce the chances of suffering complications, because after the procedures you will have the necessary defenses to strengthen your immune system, and you will keep a good mood.

In addition, the skin and tissues will recover more quickly, generating the blood lost during any procedure you have performed.

What is the most important thing to eat in your recovery?

After a surgical procedure, or dental aesthetics, the first thing you should do is hydrate yourself, since through the kidney you will be able to eliminate the ingested medicines and the necessary anesthesia to carry the procedure.

Drinking water will help you stabilize your metabolism and avoid fatigue, particularly natural fruit juices are used as these provide extra vitamins and minerals for your body. Avoid drinking coffee, soft drinks or any type of drink with a high sugar or alcohol content as these elements tend to delay the recovery of your tissues.

It is important that you consume fruits and vegetables, since they provide a good amount of vitamin C, vitamin A, iron and zinc, the last one being one of the most involved in the healing process, since it is responsible for synthesizing proteins, and contribute to cell growth. This is found in almonds, liver, hazelnuts, mushrooms, and chocolate.

Keep in mind that after a procedure in your body it is common that you initially lose your appetite and then you will want to eat excess fat as this allows your body to gain weight quickly, recovering the energy it needs to carry out any activity.

If the procedure that you carried out is aesthetic, it is important that you do not consume any type of fat, so you can supply your need for food with healthy food. Try not to eat avocado or cheese, as these tend to irritate wounds.

You should not eat spicy, or foods that are seasoned with strong products, such as pepper. Ask whoever cooks for you to only cook with natural products.

What to eat if your procedure is dental?

If you had a dental procedure, it will be necessary for the first 3 days to consume a soft diet, based mainly on vegetable cream soup, natural fruit juices, as well as extremely soft fruit, so that you do not have to chew heavy things.

A dentist in Tijuana told us that, depending on the procedure, it is better to use a straw to consume juices and soups, in this way you will avoid moving your jaw, at least during the first day, as it can be really painful.