How to Find the Best Lunch Austin has to Offer

Austin, TX is a culinary paradise. You have restaurants, gastro pubs, and food trucks that serve original takes on classics, exotic faire, and classic local favorites. According to ‘Restaurant Insider’, the number one thing eaters look in Austin look for is a cuisine that is classic, yet not well known–people love to be adventurous, try new things, yet have it be somewhat familiar.  This is why the best lunch Austin offers is at a French restaurant that offers traditional, complex, and divine food in a single experience. But how can you find the best French restaurant to have an amazing dinner in Austin that will be heads above the rest? This article will help you with this.

Look for an Authentic French Menu for the Best Lunch Austin Offers

Some people may consider a good lunch Austin spot that is French as a top winner just because they make sandwiches on a traditional baguette. Indeed, this is something that is valuable to an authentic menu because it meets the needs of many people in the lunch crowds: individuals who want to take a box lunch to go so they can eat while working at the office. And while this may be an important part of the menu, it should not be the focal point, as most people who search for the best Austin lunch spots want to dine-in, and have the full French experience.

There should be a classic menu with items that appear as starters, the main course, and dessert. Look for a French restaurant that has items like a cheese board, escargot, oysters and steak tartare and croquettes. 

The best lunch Austin spot should be a French restaurant that also serves other side items all day long (potentially excluding breakfast) like French onion soup. But as classic as this soup is, not everyone can eat onions be it for allergies or they simply don’t enjoy a strong onion taste. Also, because French onion soup has beef broth in it, it excludes vegetarians, so there should be a second soup option. For example, though gazpacho is known to be a soup originating from Spain, it is still a popular item in France that people desire, so this would be a great second option for people. The best French restaurants Austin offers for lunch should include items like a crepe suzette, moules frites, and ratatouille. 

Main courses should include steak frites, a fish option like salmon, croque monsieur, trout almondine, lobster roll and chicken paillard with some salad options. 

Desserts should include classics like chevere blancmange, Paris brest, vacherin, and bombe au chocolat. In addition, known classics like macarons, dessert cheeses with fruit, as well as ice creams and sorbets should be an option. 

The Best Lunch Austin Spot will Have that French Ambiance

When you visit the best Austin spot that’s French, the food won’t be the only thing to give the best experience, but the ambiance will play an equal roll. At lunch time you want a calming, romantic sense of decor and style that’s relaxing and calming. You want it to mimic the traditional eatery that lines any street in Paris. When you can find this special kind of ambiance with the food as described above, you will find the best lunch Austin has to offer.